Acacia Lodge #1
Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons
A.·. A.·. & E.·. F.·.

HISTORY OF A.. A.. & E.. F..

The Ancient, Accepted & Esoteric Freemasons was initially chartered by the Grand Orient on May 14, 1928.  On November 17, 1976 Grandmaster Juliet Ashley established the Sovereign and Independent Grand Lodge of Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons.  This action was ratified at the annual meeting in Washington, D.C. on June 22, 1977 and the name of the Grand Lodge was officially changed to "International Sovereign and Independent  Grand Lodge of Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons."  At that meeting the Grand Lodge also established Acacia Lodge #1 A:. A:. & E:. F:. as the first Lodge of Master Masons under the new jurisdiction.

The Masters of the A:. A:. &  E:. F:. Grand Lodge from 1928 to 1976 were:

  1. Major Jonathan Walters 1928 -1946

  2. Robert Ruddington 1946 - 1964

  3. Hellen Rutherford 1964 -1973 (1971 -1973 Hellen Rutherford-Hayes)

  4. Dr. Juliet Ashley 1973 -1976 

Since November 17, 1976, the Grandmasters of the International Sovereign and Independent Grand Lodge of Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons have been:

  1. Dr. Juliet Ashley 1976 - 1982

  2. Dr. Dianne Fullerton 1982 - 1992 and 1992 -1995 (See Note 1)

  3. Mr. Thomas Cleary 1995 - 1996 

  4. Dr. Betty Jean McCloud Reeves 1992, 1996 - 2006

  5. Dr. John F. Gilbert, 2006 - present

A:. A:. &  E:. F:. only recently decided to go on the Internet.  The rise in rent for suitable space in Washington D.C. for annual convocations convinced the Grand Officers that supporting a physical lodge was no longer possible.  The Grand Lodge became a virtual lodge following the convocation of November 17, 1992.  At a special meeting of the Grand Lodge on December 22, 2003, it was decided to rewrite the rituals for self-initiation and lodge initiation using one or more initiating officers. The rituals are currently being updated to accomplish this feat. The Grand Lodge started Internet initiations for Entered Apprentices during the first quarter of 2004.  The other degrees are being added to the work at the rate of about one degree per quarter.

The Grand Lodge is searching for previous members or other masons interested in assisting the Grand Lodge with its efforts.  For further information please contact the Grand Secretary.

[Note: During the period from May 16, 1992 through November 11, 1992 Grandmaster Fullerton temporarily turned the gavel over to Deputy Grandmaster Betty Jean McCloud Reeves while Grandmaster Fullerton recovered from surgery.  This history was provided by Grandmaster Reeves from her personal archives on June 27, 2004 and presented to the Grand Lodge later that month. It has been kept current since that time.]

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