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The Grand Lodge of
Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons
A.·. A.·. & E.·. F.·.

Welcome to the World of Esoteric Freemasonry!


The Sovereign and Independent Grand Lodge of Ancient, Accepted & Esoteric Freemasons (A.. A.. &  E.. F..) is the Supreme Mother Lodge for all Esoteric Freemasons. A.. A.. & E.. F.. is descended from the original Grand Lodge of Masons established in England in 1717.  The Grand Lodge A.. A.. & E.. F.. rituals are unique.  They use both the ancient rituals and modern versions based on current spiritual and mystical knowledge.  The Grand Lodge does not discriminate against any person because of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, creed, color, religion, membership in any other Masonic organization, or being  mentally, physically, or financially challenged.

Acacia Lodge #1 A.. A.. & E.. F.. is the first Lodge of Master Masons chartered by the Grand Lodge.  It is established to be the Lodge for all aspiring Masons who are not affiliated with a local Lodge.  It is the under the sole jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge A:. A:. & E:. F:.

The requirements for membership in Acacia Lodge #1, A.. A.. & E.. F.. are:

Age 18 minimum, no maximum age
High School graduate or equivalent
Belief in a supreme being
Ability to understand and obey an obligation
Ability and willingness to keep secret the secrets of Freemasonry

Members of Acacia Lodge #1 who attain the rank of Master Mason and who wish to start their own Lodge in their own community, will be assisted by both the Grand Lodge A.. A.. & E.. F.. and Acacia Lodge #1 A.. A.. & E.. F.. to accomplish that goal.  It takes three Esoteric Masons to form a new Lodge.

Information About Esoteric Masonry

There is a one-time lifetime membership fee for initiation and membership in Acacia Lodge #1  A.. A.. & E.. F..  That fee is $75.00 and this entitles you to initiation as an 1] Entered Apprentice, 2] Fellowcraft, and 3] Master Mason plus all the study materials for those three degrees.  When you've been initiated as a Master Mason several other degrees will be available to you for no additional fee.  Several other Masonic organizations will also offer you membership opportunities after you become a Master Mason.

If you are interested in proceeding with your membership application in Acacia Lodge #1, please complete a petition for membership and mail or email it to Headquarters.  If you are joining any other lodge under the jurisdiction of A..A..& E..F.. please indicate the name of that lodge on your petition. 

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